Bombay Grill Charlotte

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Gobhi Lassanwalla $5.50
Fried Califlower sauteed with Ginger, Garlic, and chef Sauce

Chilli Paneer $6.50
Homemade cottage Cheese sauteed with Onion, Bell Pepper and Chili Sauce

Assorted Pakoras $6.50
Chief Selection of Begetables deep fried with a layer of Chick Peas Batter

Tandoori Bread $3.50
*Cheese-Garlic Nan $4.50
Any Tandoori Bred of your choice, served with Raitha made up of home-made Yogurt, Cucuber, Carrot and Black Papper

Samosa $4.50
Pastries stuffed with assortment of Vegetables and Potatoes

Paneer Pakoba $6.50
Cottage Cheese deept fried with layer of Chick Peas Batter

Oion Bajji $5.50
Pieces of Onions deep fried with a layer of Check Pease Batter

Tandoori Mix Salad $8.50
Combination of fresh, marinated Vegetables and jome made Cheese grilled in Tandoor

Veg Platter $9.95
Combination of three different Vegetable Appetizers:  Samosa, Vegetable Pakora and Paneer Pakora




  • We take reservations for groups of Five (5) or more
  • 18% Gratuity will be added for Groups of Five (5) or more
  • We accept only one coupon per Table
  • 18% Gratuity will be added on the Total Amount, where a Coupon is used
  • Last order will be taken 10 minutes before our closing time