Bombay Grill Charlotte

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Veg Biryani $11.95
Combination of curried Vegetables with Aromatic Basmati Rice

Lamb Biryani $15.95
Combination of Lamb with Aromatic Basmati Rice

Veg Pulao $8.95
Basmati Rice mixed with sautéed vegetables

Chicken Biryani $13.95
Combination of curred Chicken and Aromatic Basmati Rice

Shrimp Biryani $17.95
Combinatino of shrimp Curry with Aromatic Basmati Rice

Peas Pulao $7.95
Basmati Rice sautéed with Green Peas

Chef Signature Biryani $18.95
Combination of Chicken, Lamb and Vegetables cooked traditionally with Aromatic Basmati Rice




    We take reservations for groups of Five (5) or more
    18% Gratuity will be added for Groups of Five (5) or more
    We accept only one coupon per Table
    18% Gratuity will be added on the Total Amount, where a Coupon is used
    Last order will be taken 10 minutes before our closing time